A new brand of high quality products has emerge. “PIUMA”.

We are developing at this present time our own brand “Piuma” products, starting with a DOC Garda Frizzante, this wine is made of a selection of Chardonnay grapes, subject to a second fermentation process in hermetically-sealed containers for about sixty days that gives its sparkling character with an elegant and intense bouquet. Due to its roundness and harmony it is suited to be tasted at anytime of the day, especially for aperitif.

Alcoholic content: 11.5% / Serving temperature 8c – 10c.

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a unique salume from Calabria…Nduja

'nduja clabrese

What is nduja? Nduja is a soft, spicy hot, spreadable type of salami that it’s made up largely of pig-head bits (minus the cheeks which are used for more premium guanciale) but flavoured with spectacular quantities of calabrian chili pepper.

Nduja has been unheard outside Calabria, until recently it seems to be spreading with unseemly speed, in London for exemple, the Chef/owner Francesco Mazzei use Nduja in some of his dishes.